My first day with the Firefox Developer Tools team was during a work week a bit more than a year ago. The five people in the room (and two that couldn’t make it) were working hard to ship their first feature: the Web Console that shipped with Firefox 4.

Last week we met at the new Mozilla London space for our first work week since that meetup a year ago. This meeting had a completely different tone – we’ve shipped quite a few features since then, and we have loads of improvements and new features coming soon.

It was also much larger. The core developer tools team has grown since that last meeting, and everyone on the team was able to make the trip this time. And on top of the core team, we had quite a few people from other teams along: people from the security, visual design, and javascript engine teams brought our total from five attendees last year to eighteen this year.

We took a group photo, which you can see here.

On Tuesday we had a few talks. Some highlights:

  • Jim Blandy gave a talk about the new Spidermonkey Debugger API. Jim will be doing this talk again (hopefully at the Firefox work week in April), and we’ll make sure it’s recorded next time.
  • Tanvi Vyas and Mark Goodwin from the security team gave a talk about new tools for surfacing information about security APIs like CSP and HTTP STS. (slides)
  • Mark Surman showed us some educational authoring/inspection tools Mozilla people are building, including Hackasaurus and PopcornMaker.
  • Piotr Zalewa talked to us about jsFiddle.

The rest of the week was spent hacking:

  • Rob, Panos, and Victor from Rob’s debugger team worked with Jim and Jason Orendorff from the javascript engine team to point our script debugger at browser chrome. I’m waiting on a real blog post for that work, but here is Rob’s teaser.
  • Lucas Rocha poked his head in from the other side of the London office with a patch to make our debugger work against fennec running on a phone.
  • Paul built a magnifier from scratch in the scratchpad. The feature is neat, but the way Paul put it together is really interesting. jorendorff wrote a post about it.
  • Firebug hacking: Honza and Joe put together scripts to build firebug with dryice, and Heather posted a pull request to use the new pseudoclass lock API in firebug.
  • Tanvi and Mark followed their talk with a patch to call out mixed content in the web console.
  • Cedric put together a proof of concept for live scratchpad evaluation.
  • I put together code to expose the debugger API to scratchpads.

Not bad for three days of hacking, eh?

It was particularly great to meet people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a long time, but hadn’t yet seen face-to-face. I’m really lucky to work with this team, and look forward to seeing most of them again at the Firefox work week in April. Huge thanks to everyone that helped organize (particularly Ashley Sullivan) and attendees from other teams that helped make this work week so successful.

Edit: Added Piotr’s jsFiddle talk.