Developer Tools at the Firefox Work Week

May 3, 2012

Last week the Firefox team got together for a week in our Toronto office.

I gave a talk about the state of the team.  The slides are here, and give a quick overview of the work we’ve done so far this year, and some of the work we have planned.

The scratchpad was a pretty popular target for hacks during the week:

  • Jason from the spidermonkey team wrote a patch to expose the Debugger object to chrome scratchpads.  You can user this to build one-off debuggers while writing your code.
  • Irakli from the Addon-SDK team showed off his new addon context for the scratchpad.  This will make prototyping addon-sdk addons even easier.
  • I put together an addon for publishing and fetching scratchpads to/from gist.

Honza, Joe, and Mike put in a lot of work planning and hacking the HTTPMonitor.  Honza wrote a blog post about the HTTPMonitor and the work going in to it.  Honza demoed remote monitoring of  Fennec loads on the first day of the work week, having been lent a phone a few hours earlier.

Paul, with the help of the Desktop Firefox team, started on a Responsive Mode.  You can watch the video here and follow progress on the bug.  Paul is looking for more feedback here.

Rob, Victor, Panos, and Jim kept pushing on our Debugger, getting it closer to shipping and closer to landing chrome debugging support.

On Wednesday the team had dinner at the CN Tower.  The waiter took our picture, and Rob posted it here.

The developer tools team is working hard to build great stuff, and these work weeks are a great time to build fun stuff, plan large upcoming work, and hang out with an incredible team.  Thanks to everyone involved, I had a blast.

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  1. Peter Teoh Says:

    Two of us are interested to participate in the development of the developer tools for Firefox – can i know where to the latest development source code?

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